About Us

The Name
La Petite Mademoiselle is french for the little miss.

The Boutique
As 2010 came to a close la petite mademoiselle Margaret embarked on a lone venture into the world of fashion and thus La Petite Mademoiselle was formed - an e-boutique that marries modern with vintage.

La Petite Mademoiselle has three identities: vintage, modern and handmade. All armed with a different personality and mission they work together to create the ultimate la petite mademoiselle.

La Petite Mademoiselle Vintage carries our vintage range. All handpicked by Margaret to bring you the classic vintage look.

La Petite Mademoiselle Modern brings you the latest fashion trends and accessories to complete your look. All pieces are brand new.

La Petite Mademoiselle Handmade, also known as lpmmags, are goodies handmade by Margaret. There are pre-made purses/cases all very different and unique. Badges/buttons are also handmade as that perfect accessory. Custom made purses/cases are also available, please contact us for more information.

La Petite Mademoiselle also offers a range of pre-loved pieces.

The Owner
Margaret Ye is the owner, blogger and driving force behind La Petite Mademoiselle. Built on her abilities to procrastinate from work she can be found scouring the internet and racks for the best pieces to add to the boutique. To gain a further insight into Margaret's life have a peak at our blog where she posts her personal style posts amongst an array of all things wonderful.